Thursday, 22 February 2018

omaru creek

Today me and my class went down to omaru
Creek.So first we went to get a buddy.Next
We all went into a line next to our buddy’s
Then when we got to omaru creek we saw
Dirty and iky water and ducks and
.After that we went To the other side
of the creek and saw More iky water with
with brown things on top.Then when we
were gonna take a class Photo we had
to sit on the kind of wet Grass and we took
Grass and we took a photo of us siting
On the grass then finally we took the photo

And went back to class.

all about me

Hi my name is valessa and i have 1 sibling
And 1 big brother who goes to universty
And 1 big sister who is going to college

Next year.

I like eating Spageti and meat ball cause it tastes so nice  and yum and its like fancy food to me. And i love watching teen titans go and the loud house cause its such a great movie cause one of the movies is called teen titans go.Also it is about is about 5 super heros and their called the teen  titans in the movie and they always save the day.Also their leader is called robin.And the other heros are raven,starfire,cyborg and beastboy.So thats all the teen titans.The next cartoon is the loud house and its about a big family and there is 10 girls in the family and 1 boy  also all of the kids have the leter L in there name and the kids names are lori,leni,luna luan,lincoin lucy lola,launa,and lily the yougest so that is the whole family. And i love playing basket ball because it is so fun and tricky and there is lots of tricks you can do to win
the game.And my favorite colours are purple,gold,pink,and i love  watch my big brothers friend play a cool game called kingdoms of hearts.And its a game with lots of disney caracters you might know and like it has peter pan in it and hercules and princess jasmine and other disney caracters you love to watch.I enjoy learning my Take aways because their so fun to do and sometimes tricky and tricky is fun to me because when you are learning something new it goes in your head if your lisening carefully it helps your brain learn something new and if you always remember it it might help you be more smart then you are right now   . and i would like to work at the tuke shop at my school cause it looks kind of fun doing stuff like orders and giving the person their order.  I would  like to learn my 8 times table and 7 times table and 9 times table off by heart so i can get more smart and also get a good report.

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

word of the week

hi my name is valessa and i made a post about what whanau is and i also put 2 of my childhood photo's on this and i missed being a little kid so here's a post about whanau.

Monday, 18 December 2017

This is my last post 2017 i know this is a late post for my last post for 2017 at school.
i have had an really amazing year this yer as a year 4 i gonna miss being an year 4 my favorite Highlight this year is was the Film festival.

My teachers

Thank you to my amazing teachers for teaching me this year
i have enjoyed being a year4 in Room 12 and 11.
Thank miss moala for being an great, lovly plus cool teacher for literacy.
Thank Mr moran for an awesome maths and home class teacher you both r amzing teachers Thank.

from : your student valessa.S

hey mr moran u have Big muscels from: aisea my little brother:)

Thursday, 7 December 2017


well hello guess what i did today can you guess well i will tell you today i was doing a very fun thing today and it is called coding do you remember my 1st time coding i was doing the Moana one and it was so fun but this time i was doing another  one it had Disney characters in it guess who was in it?.

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

message in a bottle

hello today i did a fun Activity about my book called message in a bottle and it was so so fun
i got to read my book do Activity based on my book it was so fun and i also felt like putting some detail into my Activity so i did and this is how it turned out check out!!!!!!.