Friday, 6 April 2018

wrybill activity

Robot rampage

First Hemi was at his house looking at the grass S0 bored because he had to be mowing the lawn because his dad said to and if he did it he would get his money. So he made a plan to make a robot to mow the lawn. So he set off to make the robot all night.Then in the morning he finished buliding his robot so he took it out and he turned it on. And then he felt so happy. He had a drink and he slept for a bit.Then he woke up and found the lawn mowed but his robot was gone!!

To be continued………….

Hemi was furious and scared the robot might go somewhere far away or in the house!! So Hemi ran into the house and ran upstairs as fast as he could. When he got upstairs he heard a big scream so he ran in the room to find his little sister crying and screaming for help and then he saw his little sister up high on a big branch from the window. Then when the robot saw Hemi he shouted alert alert and then the robot ran out of the room and then Hemi was thinking of a way to get his little sister but he did not have much time. She was slipping down and she was screaming hard out so then her hands were slipping and then she fell and so Hemi grabbed a bean bag and aimed where she was gonna drop. He threw the bean bag and as she reached the ground she fell on the bean bag. Then Hemi came up to her and asked her if she was alright. Next she went back to do what she was doing. Suddenly Hemi heard a loud noise and he followed the sound of the noise and it was coming from his Mum and dad’s room and when Hemi went into the room he found the robot grabbing some dresses and Hemi was laughing but the the robot grabbed the makeup and splat it on the bed. So then Hemi jumped on the robot to hold it down. Next Hemi told him to be good and not run off like that or Hemi’s mum and Dad would catch the robot and put the robot in the basement and keep him there so the robot decided to be good so he cleaned all the mess he made. Then Hemi’s parents came inside and called Hemi so Hemi  turned the robot off and he put the robot in the closet for now and when Hemi went downstairs his parents told him that he did a great job so then Hemi finally got his pocket money so then his parents told him its time to watch a movie. Then Hemi grabbed the popcorn and heated it all up. Next they went into the lounge and watched a movie and Hemi was so happy he fell off the couch and slept.

The end

Thursday, 29 March 2018

Birds of New Zealand

Hi today i am back at school and i have done another activity and it's not about the marine environment - it's about our New Zealand birds

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

My tenth marine environment activity

task description: for this task i had to read about the marine environment and i also had to do a quiz and i did not pass but still it was fun for me kind of but i enjoyed going on
the marine environment site and exploring because i
liked getting some information from it but i am still
going to publish other slides up to 18 slides.:)

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

My eight marine activity

Hi I am back with my eight activity about the reading marine environment so hope you enjoy.

My seventh activity

Hi again and I am back so I have posted this activity for you to enjoy so please enjoy.

My sixth marine activity

Hi I am back again and I have posted this activity about the marine environment so hope you enjoy.