Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Debate refection writing

Debate refection writing

             Poor people should get more job opportuinties and get paid more
            I am unsure with this statement because i feel sad because the
             Poor people have to live on the streets asking for money , or for
             Food . And the reason why i feel this way is because the poor
             People have no money or food they have too ask for food or
             Money but the people who have homes don’t have to beg or
            Ask for money or food because they could just go buy food .
            Also the poor people starv nearly everyday and have ripped
           Clothes and dirty water . And i believe that soon poor people
          Will have a nice home and have a clean house to stay in and
          a House thay have food . And i can make a change by always
         Helping the poor people have homes and get food and money
        And finally have the thing they never had before . And i was
       Unsure of the statement because if i agree the poor people
      Might just use money for smokes and bad stuff. And there is a whole
       Lot of stuff that makes you sick and ill and stuff that will damage
        Your health so i would just give them food and help them find
        A home they can stay. Also i would help kids who are homeless
        And i am unsure also because if i dissagree the poor people will
        Starv and have ripped clothes , also they would get sick and ill .
        And i would just give the poor people food instead and water and
        Pillows and blankets. And that is why i am unsure of this statement .

Friday, 6 July 2018

Working together

     Hi today i was making a cool nice fun poster about working together

Thursday, 5 July 2018

My matariki art

Hi today i want to show you my matariki art also because this is a art showing the matariki

My move it art

       Hi today i am posting a cool move it art we did and here is my art
         that we did

Monday, 2 July 2018

cinquain poem

       Hi last week we did a fun cool poem about air planes but it was not a ordinary poem it was a
         cinquain poem it is really fun to do so maybe you can make one and also on this poem
          the background is finally a new stylish colour that i love but also focus on the poem
         because this is really fun to make so why don't you make one .

Friday, 29 June 2018

History of flight

Hi yesterday we did a fun activity about the history of flight because we are learning about
flight so we did some learning about the history of flight and the people.