Thursday, 29 March 2018

Birds of New Zealand

Hi today i am back at school and i have done another activity and it's not about the marine environment - it's about our New Zealand birds

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

My tenth marine environment activity

task description: for this task i had to read about the marine environment and i also had to do a quiz and i did not pass but still it was fun for me kind of but i enjoyed going on
the marine environment site and exploring because i
liked getting some information from it but i am still
going to publish other slides up to 18 slides.:)

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

My eight marine activity

Hi I am back with my eight activity about the reading marine environment so hope you enjoy.

My seventh activity

Hi again and I am back so I have posted this activity for you to enjoy so please enjoy.

My sixth marine activity

Hi I am back again and I have posted this activity about the marine environment so hope you enjoy.

My fifth marine environment activity

Hi i am back today and i posted my fifth activity at home and i hope you enjoy my post but i am gonna
post more marine environment activities

Friday, 23 March 2018

My fourth marine environment activity

Hi I am back and I wanted to post this activity because I want to share what I learnt about by reading.

my third marine activity

hi guys i am back and i thought i should post my third activity so here is the third activity 

my second marine environment activity

hello everyone so first you have seen my first activity about the marine environment so here's the next

my marine environment activity

today i just finished this fun activity about virtual field trip and all of the activity's you do its so fun because you like click on the title and it takes you to a site to explore amazing facts about the marine environment 

Thursday, 22 March 2018

Animation Script for Respect

Hi my name is valessa and i am showing you a movie about
respecting pt england school because i know that sometimes
Our land is sometimes dirty so this is a video to help all of you
guys.So first my person  is walking out. Of the class Next she
See’s some rubbish so she goes to the rubbish ad she picks
It up.Then she keep’s picking the rubbish in till all of it is gone.
After that she went back to her class room and she did her work


Monday, 12 March 2018

Planning my writing

today i was planning my writing about when i was at camp and what activity's that i did and what was their so please take a look and see my writing

Friday, 2 March 2018

puppy holiday

Today i couldn’t believe my eyes when i got on the bus and i saw a whole bunch of dogs
Sitting in seat’s ready to go on their holiday. And i know where dogs love going and it’s
A fun dog and puppy park.Or the beach.And i have never been on a trip with my pets but
I know how to make a trip go great with my pets when their going on a trip with me.
Number one always bring their favourite toys with you when their going on a trip with you.
Number two never leave there favourite food at home.Number three always play with them.
Number four always stop the car sometimes so they can have a break.And i also know they
Would describe their bus trip as a nice relaxing time with you.and also maybe they would also Say they kind of liked the trip if you bought them a cool as toy.And i have been through
long trip. And i was going Tonga and i passed the time by sleeping watching movies and eating.