Tuesday, 28 November 2017

message in a bottle

hello today i did a fun Activity about my book called message in a bottle and it was so so fun
i got to read my book do Activity based on my book it was so fun and i also felt like putting some detail into my Activity so i did and this is how it turned out check out!!!!!!.   

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Labelling Fractions.

today i was doing a hard Activity and this is what it looked like do you think this is hard?.

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Equivalent Fractions

today i am doing a hard Activity and its so hard to but i got it wrong but now i did it right and this is how it turned out when i tried the second time i got it right. 

Monday, 20 November 2017


one apon a time there lived 4 girls. One day they were travelling every where together so there was one girl called Eve she was the oldest and also she had black straight hair and she was very smart in fact she was so smart she away's had ideas.And the second oldest was called Rosella she blond golden hair and she was really fast.Like so fast..And the third oldest was called Bella she had purple hair and she was very oness with everyone. And also there was a youngest sister her name was rose and she was very kind and she took care of animals and she loved every animal like so many and she has a quiet voice.But she can sing very lovely but in front of anyone not even her sisters.And she is very shy..And one day when they were travelling in a big field they found an old tree it had a door right in front of the tree and in fact they were shocked they did not know what do do but eve knew what she knew they needed to stay some where so eve said to them lets stay here then Bella says are you crazy what if there are bunny's in there then rose says i love there so fluffy and Bunny's there so cute .And then Rosella say eve is right lets go so eve Rosella bells rose goes to the door and its locked and then Rosella said say no more and as Rosella was thinking she looked in the grass and found a key the rose ran in the door and as she went in the door the door closed and the key had vanished and then Rosella said how are we gonna get rose now and the Bella said calm down its okay we are gonna find the key.And then when rose was locked in the tree she saw steps and light coming from it it was like the sun was in there so then when rose was inside she saw a key hanging on the door so she jumped and jumped but she could not get the key.Next rose was afraid and at last butterfly came and took rose up in the air and took her up to the keys and finally rose grabbed the keys and jumped down.Next rose said thank you to the butterfly's and unlocked the door. At last she found her sisters and said follow me the butterfly's are taking us somewhere to rest but i am going to play with the animals and make some music with the then Bella  was like where Next rose smiled and went up the stairs and there was a flower cave.And next rose said stand still and Rosella said why then sparkles rained down on to them and after they were done rose said come with me now and they appeared with beautiful dresses  and eve was like wow where are we and rose said welcome to crystal land. Its filled with magic.Then they all went and the butterfly showed them a secret place to sleep.And next day on the morning rose was on the ground making music as she was floating in the air when she was playing music and her hair grew and weird animals came  with trunks and said i can smell powerful magic maybe its from the lake n,o its not it nowhere after that they went. Then 2 girls said why are yo here .After that the girls said oh your just girls come out we are so sorry we did not know that you guys were not from here my mad forget what i said and come with me i so sorry because i am not used to visitor the girl with the pink and blond hair girl said hello i am Sabrina then the girl with the orange hair said hi i am glimmer i can make you outfiet so perfect anyone would want to do anything for you so do you you have any magic .Then Bella said of course  not.Next rose said i do then Rosella said no you dont. Next rose played her lovely music bravely and after that rose grew wings fluffy wings. And later on that day rosella was laughting how hard about rose having wings, Next the girls said we need to take you four somewhere safe because the taker will take each of you magic away so its good we take you somewhere safe or we could take you to magic lake you can see the mermaids there all ways enjoying the water. After that rose says mermaids yayy can we go in the water too then sabrina says if you have tails to swim well lets go.wait shouted sabrina i forgot theres fairys too.
Next Bella said wait rose where are your wings maybe they got took away because i am not playing my music okay said now what do we do now then rose said gently mermaids and walked to the water and said hi i am rose and i love every  animal.Next the mermaids said oh you sweet child have you heard of the taker she is a evil princess and she wants to rule the land with evil can you defeat her.Next rose said quietly of course. After that her sisters were like rose are you sure you can save this land yes said rose so they went to the castle and said i am gonna but the magic princess said no you can’t with my wand i am powerful but eve said f you magic then you will have it. Finally they let magic go but it was too much and the wand broke and magic return to everyone.Next Sabrina said oh thank you you may go if you want to but eve said can we live here sense we still want to stay with you guys and Sabrina said yes and they lived happily ever after.  


Thursday, 16 November 2017

problem solving

hi today i just did 2 activates and it was super so wanna check it out. 

hundreds board.

today i had so much fun i finished filling my hundreds board and it was so easy and fun hope i can do more of this so why don't you try if you want. 

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

maths skills



 hello today i am so happy i have done a video based on our activity called making a purerehua  so i can not wait to see me on this video so watch now.t to see me on this so watch now