Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Hiwi the kiwi

Yesterday I went on a huge boat with my family  we were going out to catch some fish.
My dad wanted to catch  some big fishes but I said “ No my dad said No life jackets  He will  smack me if I bring it on but when we were about to go I quickly grabed some life  jackets and hide them in my bag. I was really scared I might fall in the water but good I bring life jackets  then I calmed down.then big sharks and octopus and fishes tried to break our boat I knew that they were just hungry then I frew  fish food in the water and crabs in the and fishes to them then they all swam away and we got to eat our food  and fish after that the boat wasn”t moving then we didn”t  know what to do then we all grabed life jackets and began to swim and float to shore  then my 
to me we are always going to wear life jackets when we go fishing for some fish