Saturday, 10 August 2019

Practising some Times Tables

This killed me dead -_- But  I still tried and Didn't manage to do every times tables
but  i nearly made it  .

Friday, 9 August 2019

Finding Fractions of Numbers

Today I have been Doing Maths with Miss Szymanik and It was a little hard . It was
a little hard but i tried and Miss Szymanik Helped us a lot , She helped us figure it out and It was a
little hard and A little Fun too!

Show NOT tell Task

Thursday, 1 August 2019

Let's Take a travel around the world!

Hola! Today I have decided to Take a little Look around the Some places in the world and Wanted to share What I have seen! So hope You enjoy! , If you liked this Comment Down Below if you would
Like to .

Friday, 26 July 2019

David Attenborough Documentary Costal seas

Today we watched the Our Planet Documentary, narrated by David  Attenborough, called Costal seas. Here are some interesting facts we

-90 Percent of marine Creatures live in costals waters . This is because the sea floor is in reach of the sunlight .
-The documentary we watched was filmed in the Everglades  National Park , in Florida USA . 
-  The lush Meadows of the park support the marine life .
- The Giant Trevally and Sting Ray are extremely good hunters .
- Stingrays hunt for their prey hide in the seagrass 
- There is a lot of food for the sea creatures, and for humans in the costal waters .   
- The bottlenose dolphin has a special way of hunting shoals of mullet .
They create a circle around the fish and flick up the mud which makes the water
murky - the mullet then get confused and jump up in the air , making it easy for the dolphins to catch the mullet.
-Coral reefs have LESS than 1% of all the marine species that live in the ocean .
- Coral reefs are missing an important member of the comunity- Sharks!
- Shark numbers have been dramatically reduced due to  overfishing.
- Overfishing has reduced the shark population by 90% .

Saturday, 13 July 2019

would you rather part 7-

Hello guys! :3 Today I am back and I just finished creating would you rather
part 7 and I hope you all enjoy because I am a little tired:D

Wednesday, 10 July 2019

"Lets rate songs 4!!! "

Hello Guys today i am back and did another "Lets rate songs" So hope you enjoy . I got this idea because i like really loved songs and music i wanted to rate them!

Tuesday, 9 July 2019

What is your favourite Animal?

What is your favourite Animal? WELL I LUV PUPPYSSS!!!!:3

Would you rather part 6

Hi guysss! :D I know this is a late post because I posted "Would you rather part 5"
A long time ago but i thought it would be better to post these in the holidays ,
I Hope you enjoy:3

Have a Lovely holiday everybody!

Have a Lovely holiday everybody! also keep safe and I have fun! :D

Sunday, 7 July 2019

Fun things to do in the Holidays!

What is your Favourite food to eat? (Just Posting:D)

Hi ya! Today I felt hungry on the morning-_- so I went to get something to
eat , After I finished eating I was thinking "What should I post today?" So
I was like "Oh! I know I will ask what is peoples favourite food" So yeah!
I also added MY favourite food in this slide , Enjoyyy(:  (Also Have a great
Holiday , I wish you all a lovely holiday:3)

Thank you Miss Tuia!

Thank you Miss Tuia! for teaching me this term and all I want you to know
is that you are a kind hearten Teacher and that Room 6 all loves you! and
I do too! , I hope you have a great Holiday:D (Get some good sleep(; you know
what I mean)  From: Valessa:3

Friday, 5 July 2019

Funny memories! (Have a lovely Holiday everybody:3 )

Funny Memories! , Hello Guyssss~! Today I took a lot of pictures with
my class for like a long time and We like got to have free time and
it was a mess , I have a few photos that was really cool and yeah I didn't
really get to show every photo but heres some photos! :3

Last Day of the term):

Image result for sad emoji
Awww): I won't see my friends or any of my classmates and my 
teacher until 2 weeks):   
But at least I can post(:And have fun finally
and enjoy having a holiday(:

Lets Rate Songs 3!!! (Happy Holidays:3)


Happy Holidays Everybody! I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday:D
Spend time together! :3

Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Lets Rate songs

Ello! Guysss! , Today I found new songs and wanted to rate them so here
it issss!!!!! Enjoy

Dragon Vocab List


What do I like most a bout New Zealand By:Valessa(:

  What do I like most about New Zealand? I love that we have food that is really nice . Australia ,They have kind of yucky pies! they think They have the most nice meat pies but really they don’t ,Their pies are not as good as our pies in New Zealand . I Think that the Pavlova in Australia Is a little funny and taste different to the Pavlova in New Zealand . I love that we have beach’s near us because I have heard that it Takes half-a day just to go to the beach . I also like that we have Better chips than U.S.A and that we have a Country that will Al way's let us be our self's even if we are different! . I love that We are all kind in New Zealand But we are all Good and their is
hardly any harm in New Zealand . We all are Welcome In New Zealand!
. We all celebrate each others culture So we are all welcome to stay in New
Zealand because the Door’s are always open For each other! . I Love New
Zealand Just the way it is! I love that their are so many cultures in NZ It is just a beautiful country with kind hearten people an Happiness . I love that
people will always be nice and that People will always be kind and that we
all are nice and we have Good food and we have water that is fresh and
clean and that We will always have a kind place for any culture . We are
always Welcomed to New Zealand and that we have the right to be Different in New Zealand! . People should never be sad that they are
Different because people should be happy they are Different . I love New Zealand just the way they it is nothing has to change in New Zealand because
it is a kind loving Country .

Tuesday, 2 July 2019

If I were a time traveller...

If I were a time traveller i would travel to the future and hope to see , flying cars, robots , metal buildings , new food that would taste really Delicious! . I also hope that houses could like upgrade  to like really massive mansions and like have lasers to block the entry of the house and to unlock the house you would have to put in a secret code . I really want to see  a lot of new inventions to like make trampolines that bounce you high up to the sky , Also I really hope that the future could have portals to new dimensions  , I also wish that people could teleport But nobody could teleport into ANY house to rob because EVERY House would have a security lock and a force field over it and only the Person who
owned the house can disable the force field anytime they Want . I would wish for food to just teleport to you whenever you click Your fingers or just say “I want food please” and also I wish that if I Asked for drinks they would do the same thing . I also wished that people owned pets like puppy's that would have 
superpowers and every Person could be able to understand every single word the
thing could Say like if a pup says “ Roof roof!” The person would hear like “ can we go to the park!” or whatever the Animal was saying . That would be SOOOOO Cool! . I would love to see that kind of world  because I would love that world and it would be SOOOOOOO COOL! And Whoever Lives in that kind of world they are  so lucky!!! wish that people could breath under water and be really Smart! , and people could teleport! I also hope there is portals! So that  People could go to other dimensions! . I also got this really cool Idea from my friend and she said she would like to see what the would Happen in the end of the world and that inspired me and that is my Next destination! . In the end of the world I think I would see People  Screaming really loud , The colour of the sky would be Dark purple With black smoke swirling around , That would be kinda scary! I would Not like that kind of world EVER! .

When the troll came!

                 When the troll came 
On a fine sunny morning at Hills berg . A family just woke up to go get breakfast to Brighten up there morning . They went to a Bakery to get some delicious Pancakes to eat . When they got there they took a moment to look at the bakery , they were Impressed By the options of food that was selected on the menu. When the family got there food they cleaned there forks clean then leaned over to take  a bite of their delicious Pancakes But suddenly they heard a loud Bang coming from outside but then they saw the roof Shaking and then……..Bang! The roof was pulled off people were screaming and it appeared to be a Troll! The troll Looked Hideous and Ugly! It had smelly breath , big wide ugly eyes that will burn you eyes by  looking at it , The family's heart beated so fast and ran out but….. The baby was still on the table eating all the Pancakes well the Giant was robbing But…...Then the giant was curious on what that thing was on the table so The giant picked up the baby and held it dangling from the giants big hand . “My baby!” Yelled the mum
The baby was screaming and crying , then the baby bit the giant . “OUCHHHH!!! “ Yelled the ugly hideous giant , The giant was in pain so he accidentally dropped the baby , then the big sister ran as fast as she could and cached the baby before it could reach the ground. The giant got so Angry and started smashing things and making buildings on fire . “RUN! “ yelled a random person and everybody was screaming and yelling , The family leaded everybody to a part of the town where it was not wrecked and where they could hide . “Lets go get that ugly beast!” yelled the family “ He is Wrecking our town I say we stop him!” Shouted The mom , “Yeah!” shouted the crowd so they all went to the giant and grabbed a few stuff off the ground and threw it at the giant , “ OUCH OUCH OUCH! STOP! “ The giant shouted . “NO NO NO STOP DON’T DESTROY OUR TOWN AND WE WILL STOP! “ . “FINE FINE FINE!!!! “ the Giant yelled while running away back to his cave in the distance . “YAY!!! He’s Gone! “ shouted the crowd with joy . “Well we both learned a lesson in the end!” said a little girl “ . “Well thats’s all for today we know that hills berg was in danger but now we are saved! “ said the News reporter . “I can ‘t wait to have a new adventure! “ said the sister . The enddddddddddddd! 

Monday, 1 July 2019

*Special* Finish off the song!


Hi ya guys!!! I am back and I just got an idea!......
I want to play  finish the song with you all! ..... SOOOOOO
Can you finish the song off????? Stay tuned so I can post another
one soon and see if you get the songs!

Cybersmart Smart Footprint

Monday, 24 June 2019

Urban legends!

Hello guys! today I was researching and came upon this  thing called
Urban legends so I looked up real legends and I found one to tell so listen
closely and ask me if you wanna know more!

Thursday, 20 June 2019

I like your Latitude! 2019

Today I will be showing you all my Animation for this term and it is about I like your Latitude and about following directions! this took me a while but I managed to get it finished! it was pretty hard because we had to do a lot but I had fun! I hope you enjoy! 

Wednesday, 19 June 2019

No ideas.

Umm...... Sorry I have no Ideas..... GIVE ME A IDEAImage result for crying gif funny anime


Thursday, 6 June 2019


Introducing the besties!

So since I made a story I like wanted to show the characters looks so yeah I did
this! I did not get this off google I edited it myself on my device and yeah then I
 I sent it to my Chromebook , then I did this! and yeah I will upload chapter 2 soon Byeeee~!  
I used a game called gacha life to make my characters and edits!
So yeah I will make ideas soon for the next chapter and it may take
a while but I will try my best to try to make chapter soon! have a nice

The magic necklaces...... The story about 3 best friends

What's your favourite gemstone?

Meet Ally!

Meet Ally! A new mouse friend of mine! I created her and I used a site (LINKED DOWN BELOW) I got this website from my best friend and I really think its cool (OMG I JUST NOTICED! MY BESTFRIEND HAS THE SAME HAIR AS ALLY AND FACE! SORRY DEBORAH!)

Would you rather part 5!



Friday, 31 May 2019

The Night of the shipwreck and the long lost twins part 1

Working on would you rather part 5....

I am going to start working on would you rather part 5 ( I will try to work on it soon because I really enjoy making would you rather so yeah! )

That's all I am saying! and yeah! buh Bye~!

Image result for happy emoji

Queen's Birthday

 Yay! on Monday its the queens birthday soooooooo........ NO SCHOOL FOR US!!!
hahahahahahah!!!!! , so we like get to sleep late for 3 days in the weekends! ,
I really want to post in the weekends ( I really hope that I can post in the weekends!)
I also am saying happy early birthday queen!
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If my life were a movie who would I want to play me and why?

If my life were a movie who would I want to play me and why?

I would want Emma Watson to play me because she is
Very kind and honest . She was also born in France/Paris
She is very famous and shes rich and such a good actor
I love all the movies shes in because she is my favourite
Actor out of all the movies  I watched! , I know she is such
A good actor so i know she would be the right person to play
Me! , she is also very humble! I like that she is NOT a spoiled
Brat , shes’s very kind and honest and I love that that’s her
Personality and she’s kind hearted , caring , beautiful , very nice
I wish she could play my life because I kinda think she would play
My life just a tiny bit better than how I  play it heh……...I really don’t
Know anybody who would play my life really good……..But I know
That she would be amazing and awesome! I wish I could meet her
But sadly no hahahahah! ………. I would pick Emma Watson because
She inspires me a lot than any actor! . If your life was a movie who
Would you want to play you and why? Have they did anything good?

Are they famous? Rich? Poor?........

Samoan song!!

Monday, 27 May 2019

Deborah this is what I think of your 8 bit art!


My first go at making a heart on 8 bit art! I know 
i'm not as good as Deborah but I tried

Bounce and beyond

Yesterday on may the 26 I went to bounce and beyond with my childhood best friend Nature!  . We went to bounce and beyond  and we played Hide and seek and we ate there! , we also celebrated her Nephews 5th birthday , His name is Jason and yeah! we also got our face painted and Nature got her face painted as a panda! and I got a rainbow butterfly! we also celebrated the birthday up stairs with SO much food! , The birthday was themed as Blaze and we had so much fun! , we played their for 3 hours and we played on the slide , obstacle course , wrecking ball , bouncy castles , we had so much fun there and I can't even count how much rides we went on! ...... I had so much fun! maybe you should go there one day because it was such a blast! .

Related image

Reading Task about Subantarctic

Wednesday, 22 May 2019

who is scared of water?.....

WhO Is ScArEd Of WAtEr BEcAuSe I aM DeFiNiTely NoT ScArEd oF SwImMing ANYMORE HEH........


Image result for deep water             


Image result for spyImage result for spy