Thursday, 16 September 2021

Missing Lengths of Right Triangles!

                             Missing Lengths of Right Triangles! 1-

       Hello there! this week's work was a little challenging, but in other words after I got used to the problems it got easier for me to understand the solving and all that! Have you ever done this type of work before? 
if so, was it challenging?
 (Please ignore the fact it is 10pm and I am posting this)

Thursday, 9 September 2021

Tonga explanation writing.


Have you ever heard of Tonga? Ever visited? If not this writing will surely help you understand the country Tonga!

What is Tonga? Tonga you ask, Tonga is a country located in the south pacific, an Island home to over 104,494 people, (The population in 2019, surely it’s grown bigger) The people there are very kind. The British explorer, navigator James Cook had landed on the Island on the 2nd of October 1773 and stated it as the “Friendly Island” due to the warm welcome he recieved. 

The people in Tonga are friendly, from my experience of going there once they were all very nice, the children are very lively. The people see each other as family. The beaches there are very beautiful, as a kid I enjoyed going down to the beach where the children had played with me and the adults watched as the children swam. 

You may have seen the flag before, the flag of Tonga consists of a red field with a white canton charged with a red couped cross. The flag symbolises purity. The red of the flag represents the crucifixion and the sacrifice of the blood of Christ. At Tonga Church is important, every saturday like other people at other countries the people go to Church including the children. They all sit in halls and sing songs, pray. At times there is usually feeds (Feasts) in a big hall where everyone gathers and eats. 

The food there is very different compared to the food from the city and towns. At Tonga there is usually always Lu, ever tried it? The drink I’ve drank many times as a kid there was Otai, a drink made from fruits, my favourite was the watermelon flavour and the mango. My favourite to eat was always Ota ika though. 

One day you should definitely visit! 

Wednesday, 8 September 2021

Tuesday, 7 September 2021

The coordinate plane

                                           The coordinate plane!

     This week for maths we've been learning about coordinates, check it out! Have you ever learnt about coordinates? in terms of how hard this was I'd give it a 3/10 it did take a little time but otherwise pretty easy.

Tuesday, 31 August 2021

Classifying Numbers :

                                     Classifying numbers 

                This week for maths class we were given a slides to complete, we were also given a 
        Edpuzzle video for us to get a little knowledge about how classifying numbers work.

Friday, 13 August 2021

Athlete diet

                                              Athlete diet 


                     If you were an athlete what would your athlete diet be? this would probably be mine.